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Rainy & Cold Weather

Clothes for Rainy and Cold Weather

We are lucky to live in a relatively moderate climate. However, some days will be wet and some days will be cold. What matters is that we all learn to dress appropriately for outdoor activities no matter the weather.

Outdoor play is valuable and fresh air is healthy. Our students have two opportunities daily to be outside (recess and lunch) as well as times planned by teachers throughout the week. We believe in outdoor play and education and encourage students to enjoy their environment.

As we are in the rainy, cold season please be sure your child has:

a Rainy Day:
Ÿ  Waterproof hat Ÿ Waterproof jacket Ÿ Waterproof pants
Ÿ  Warm socks Ÿ Waterproof boots

a Snowy Day:

Ÿ  Toque that covers ears Ÿ Heavy jacket for warmth Ÿ Snow Pants
Ÿ Warm socks Ÿ Snow boots Ÿ Gloves or mittens


Tip: Label extra clothing to leave at school such as socks, underwear, pants and shirt.

Tip: Dressing in layers is helpful when making the transition from indoors to out.

  • Outer layer = protection from the weather
  • Middle layer = warmth
  • Inside layer = comfortable for indoor temperatures