Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

At Taylor Park we believe learning takes place at home and at school. The Parent Advisory Council functions as a valuable liaison in the school home-school partnership and supports worthwhile projects, events and activities at Taylor Park. You can contact our PAC at

Dates of upcoming meetings and minutes are posted on the PAC’s website PAC meetings are held each month.

An Annual General Meeting is held each May. The PAC executive is nominated and elected at this meeting by those parents who attend.

September 2018 PAC Meeting Minutes

October 2018 PAC Meeting Minutes

November 2018 PAC Meeting Minutes

December 2018 PAC Meeting Minutes

February 2019 PAC Meeting Minutes


PAC Positions


  • Chairs P.A.C. meetings
  • Calls and chairs executive meeting
  • Ensures that an agenda is prepared
  • Makes sure that meetings are conducted in an orderly fashion
  • Ensures that Council activities are aimed at achieving the purposes set out in the constitution


  • Assists the Chair where necessary
  • Chairs P.A.C. meetings when the Chair cannot attend


  • Keeps accurate minutes and attendance records at meetings
  • Clarifies wording of motions before any notes are taken
  • Makes minutes available prior to monthly council meetings
  • Chairs P.A.C. meetings in the absence of the Chair & Vice-Chair


  • Keeps accurate records of funds, receipts and expenditures
  • Follows guidelines for finances outlined in the constitution
  • Provides a report at each P.A. C. meeting


  • Attends all meetings of Burnaby DPAC and represents, speaks and votes on behalf of the Council
  • Reports regularly to the membership and executive on all matters relating to the DPAC
  • Receives, circulates, and posts DPAC newsletters, brochures, and announcements


  • oversees fund raising operations

PAC Documents

Taylor Park PAC Constitution

Burnaby District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)

September 2016 PAC Meeting: Amended minutes from PAC meeting Sept-27-2016 sept-19-2016-burnabydpac-meeting-minutes_final taylorparkpacsept2016 what-makes-taylor-park-great rti-class-loading-2013

October 2016 PAC Meeting: oct-pac-finances taylor-park-pac-minutes-october-28-2016 taylorpark-update-2016-10-28 taylorpark-progressreport taylorpark-headlice

November 2016 PAC Meeting: taylorparkpresentationforpacnov2016