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Response to new show on Netflix – 13 Reasons Why

The well-being of our students is always a priority and keeping them safe sometimes requires a partnership between parents/guardians and school staff.

A recent series airing on Netflix, 13 Reasons Why, is being viewed and talked about by elementary and high school students. The show is rated ages 16+* and is based on a book of the same name called 13 Reasons Why. It is about a young girl who commits suicide and the messages she leaves for 13 people she feels are responsible for her pain.

While the show is fictional, the series deals with some difficult issues, is extremely graphic (bullying and rape scenes), and has raised concerns about the safety of those watching it, particularly students who may already be emotionally vulnerable. To learn more about the series on Common Sense Media,* (a website that helps families make informed choices on movies, apps and books by providing independent reviews), click here

A letter from the district and further information to help discuss the series with your child are linked for further information.