Kindergarten Registration 2020-2021

It’s time to register your child born in 2015 for Kindergarten 2020-2021! (To update/post this page, go to ‘MENUS’ and add it back to the site. 

Please note the following:

  1. Registration for September 2020 at Taylor Park is by appointment only.
    To book online,  please go to:

Booking Instructions:

      1. Go to our school appointments web site:
      2. Register for an account by clicking the “Click here to register” link found in the LOGIN box. Enter your name, phone and email in the appropriate boxes then choose a user id and create a password for account and then click the “Register Now” button.
      3. Add your children(ren) into the system by typing first and last name then clicking the “Insert” button. Click “Insert New” button to add more children if you are registering more than one child.
      4. Click the “Book Appointments” icon beside the child’s name to schedule appointment(s).
        You must book an appointment for each child you need to register.
      5. Choose the date/time you would like to come in. The available slot will turn green after you click on it. If you wish to change the date/time, click the time slot you wish to change. Then confirm that you wish to delete the appointment. Then choose a new date/time.
      6. Appointments are reserved as soon as you click on the date/time and it displays in green.
        When you are finished, you can select “View Appointments” icon at the bottom of the screen to confirm your appointment is booked.
  1. On the day of your appointment, in addition to all required documentation (see ‘C’ below), please also have the following forms (A & B) completed/printed before you come to the school to register your student:
    1. Student Information Form
    2. Medical Information Form
    3. All required documentation: These documents must accompany your student’s registration.
      Note: Please bring original documents. We will make copies during your appointment.
  2. GRADUAL ENTRY: During registration you will be asked to select a gradual entry schedule.
    You may view the options HERE. Please have a 1st and 2nd choice ready.
  3. KINDERGARTEN ORIENTATION: After registration is complete, you will be invited back to attend our Kindergarten orientation meeting on Friday, May 22, 2020 from 1:15 – 2:30 pm (See letter HERE) Parents and their kindergarten child are invited to this hands-on session. Please do not bring any siblings to this meeting. Your kindergartner will need your full attention.