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Valentines Day Safety Guidelines

The safety of students and staff is a priority. The Burnaby School District Guidelines listed below have information on how to make this a safe Valentines Day.


  • Exchanging Valentines
    • Consider asking students to bring paper valentine cards in advance,
    so the cards can sit untouched for a minimum of 24 hours.
    • Be mindful of how the exchange occurs, designating one adult to
    distribute them, avoiding contact, and minimizing students grouping
    • Wash hands before and after handling them.
  • Treats & Goodies in Class
    • Designate one adult to distribute sealed, pre-packaged goodies.
    • Wash hands before and after handling them.
    • Don’t put treats in a shared bowl, which can gather germs.
    • Hand out goodies in creative ways that minimize contact and
    maximize physical distancing, such as using tongs or baking sheets.
    • If possible, go outside to hand them out.
    • If the treats are part of an in-class celebration, have students wash
    their hands before eating them. Remind students not to share food.
    Additionally, consider how the garbage will be collected to avoid
    congregating at a bin or having one person touch the items
    belonging to multiple people.
    • Do not share communal food, such as cupcakes or a box of
    chocolates – use only pre-packaged, individually wrapped goodies.
    • Homemade food should not be shared, even if individually wrapped
    or made by the teacher.
    • An exception with homemade food is secondary classes creating
    treats in a Foods Lab as part of their class, while adhering to all
    health and safety protocols for food classes.
  • Celebrations
    • Limit celebrations to only your learning group.
    • Remind students to keep their hands to themselves, maximize
    physical distance and minimize physical contact.
    • Celebrate outside if possible.
    • Avoid activities that involve singing and dance partners.